Multichannel USB data logger MRD420.6G. Voltage from 0…1.1 to 0…420V. Galvanic isolation.

Multichannel USB data loggers MRD420.6G are designed to measure and save input voltage values to files. By using a variety of sensors (eg current shunts), the instruments can record a variety of electrical and physical parameters.

Measured voltages
from 0...+1.1 to 0...+420 V
Number of channels
Galvanic isolation of channels
up to 420 V


The multichannel USB data logger MRD420.6G is designed for recording unipolar signals (voltages) with a frequency of change not exceeding 100 Hz.

The MRD420.6G data logger has 6 separate input measuring channels. The key advantage of the device is the presence of galvanic isolation between all channels of the recorder, as well as the USB port.

Galvanic isolation allows the detection of small voltages with a large potential difference between them. For example, register the voltages on individual battery cells connected in series to a high-voltage battery.

In addition to voltage, the USB data logger MRD420.6G can measure many electrical and physical parameters, for example:

  • current
  • temperature
  • presure
  • as well as many other electrical and non-electrical parameters.

Each channel has an independent, reconfigurable input voltage divider. The input divider allows you to reconfigure the range of measured voltages from 0…+1.1 to 0…+420 V. The user should make the setting individually for each channel of the device, independently of other channels. For example, you can measure the voltage on a battery using channel 1, and measure the current through it using channel 2. In addition, you can measure temperature of the battery by channel 3.

Multichannel USB data logger MRD420.6G operates under computer control. The device is supplied with specialized software, as well as a USB cable for connection to a computer. The software is installed on the User’s computer and allows:

  • receive ADC results performed by the MRD420.6G recorder
  • display the received data on graphs in relative units (from 0 to 100% of the selected input voltage range)
  • recalculate and display measurement results on a computer screen
  • and also save the obtained data to files of measurement results with a specified sampling step of parameters in time.

Key parameters of multichannel USB data loggers MRD420.6G

Number of independent channels: 6

Input voltage range for any channel (depending on the input divider setting): from 0…+1.1 to 0…+420V;

Electrical strength of galvanic isolation of channels between themselves, as well as with the USB port: at least 420 V;

Connection to a computer, as well as power supply of the device: via the USB port.

Detailed information about USB data loggers MRD420.6G